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First Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Easter hopped into Waterside with a fury!  The morning brought sunshine, then rain, then hail… and we thought we were going to have a bust!  But noon rolled around, and the hot dogs went on the grill regardless.  It was like calling the sun.  The Sun burst through the clouds and warmed up our afternoon as we welcomed over 100 kids into our Vineyard for our First Annual Waterside Easter Egg Hunt!  Excited children from toddlers to tweens made fast work of finding 200 eggs and trading them in for candy bags and treats.  The Enderby Fire Department was on hand with a shiny truck and some wonderful volunteer members who took time out of their day to show kids around the truck, happily taking pictures and sounding sirens.  A special golden egg was brought into us, and we had a brand new bike to give away in exchange!  What a wonderful turnout in our community!