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Garlic Cooking Wine Recipe

By August 27, 2019No Comments

As promised!  Below is the famous recipe Kevin uses when he cooks a delicious skillet meal with our Garlic Cooking Wine: 


Cut chicken breasts into pieces and sautee in pan.  When chicken is cooked through, remove meat from pan and set aside.

Shake garlic wine gently, and add contents of the bottle to the pan and deglaze. Add shrimp, cooking until pink.

Add two cups of egg noodles and stir in cooked chicken.

Let simmer until cooking wine reduces by half.  Add one small carton of heavy cream to sauce.

Add 1.5 cups of parmesan cheese, stirring to mix in the pan.

Reduce heat and simmer until noodles are cooked and sauce thickens.


Serves 4.


Good luck!  If you have a recipe you use our garlic cooking wine for and would like to share, email us and we will post it on our website!