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Want not, Waste Not

Here at Waterside Winery, we have been very diligent with our carbon footprint, and have very careful with our waste in the winery and in our Vineyard.  In the Vineyard, we are composting crush waste and mulching prunings and trimmings.  We are very careful about what gets wasted and how we are contributing to the Earth.

In our tasting room, we like to provide the freshest wines for our customers during samples, sales and tastings.  This does, however, lead to bottles of wine that just haven’t been used up within our freshness time frame, leaving us to decide what to do with the waste.  Wasted Wine?  Not here.  Not ever.  Here at Waterside Winery, left over wines never go to waste.  They go into the Vinegar Vat, and we are producing Red and White Wine Vinegars for cooking use!  Loved our Garlic Cooking Wine? Well look out salad! Here comes a red wine vinegar perfect for vinaigrettes and salad toppers!

You can only find them in our tasting room. They retail for $5.99 each or 2 for $10.00.

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